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How to Avoid the SOS Disease

An entrepreneur’s life can be a hectic one.

Sometimes we get so lost in trying to build our business that we lose focus on the basic fundamentals. We go searching for the next big thing, the new shiny object that will propel our business forward with even greater momentum.

Unfortunately, SOS (shiny object syndrome) is the worst thing a business owner can become. When you hop from one SOS to another, you become an opportunity seeker instead of a strategic entrepreneur.

Opportunity seekers are looking for the quick fix, the home run, the one “insider” secret that will give them the explosive burst of success needed to make all their dreams come true.

The problem with this approach:

It’s a lie. It doesn’t exist. There is no easy button to push or one secret to make a six figure or more business magically appear.

There is no fast track to success.

It takes hard work, dedication, persistence, and strategic thinking.

Oops..,I said the dirty word. You know, work. You have to work to have a successful business. That’s just the way it is. There are no shortcuts.

A lot of marketers make their money by preying on the misplaced hopes of opportunity seekers who are looking for the quick path to success.

Sorry. You have to put forth some effort. There is no magic pill to instant success.

Shiny objects are like a drug. And if you’re not careful, you can go from being a strategic entrepreneur to an “opportunity junkie.” You start to kid yourself thinking “I can quit any time I want.” But the reality is you’re hooked.

The Internet Marketing field is rife with SOS thinkers.

Chasing the SOS bandwagon can lead to a lack of focus. Jumping from object to object leads to more work (busyness) with less productivity and lack of vision.

And that spells disaster with a capital D.

The goal of an entrepreneur is to work less and earn more. The exact opposite of an opportunity seeker.

The key to eliminating SOS is to focus on the vision of what you want your business to look like. Take it one step at time.

Keep your mind on the four ways and only four ways to grow a business:

1. Get new customers/clients
2. Increase transaction size
3. Increase buying frequency
4. Reactivate past customers/clients

Pick one lead generation and reactivation tactic and master those before moving to the next. Test your sales copy and offers on a regular basis. Most importantly, learn your markets hopes, fears and frustrations and find solutions to their problems.

Controlling your attraction to shiny objects is essential to your success. Distractions will not only blur the path to your goals, but will ultimately hasten your downfall.

Stay focused on the four ways to grow a business, strive to be the problem solver in your market, and only chase opportunities that will help support your vision.

If you do this, the disease known as SOS will never darken your doorstep and your business will blast off to the upper echelons of success.

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