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Finding the Right JV Partners

(This is the first of a series on finding joint venture partners to help grow your business.)

Joint venture partners, or JV partners, are incredibly important for anyone in any business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a larger business that’s looking to expand or if you’re a small online website hoping to find people who will help you to promote your product or service.

The right partner in the process will make or break your experience. But, how can you select the right joint venture partner? More so, why does it matter whom you choose to work with?

Choosing anyone to be your joint venture partner is simply not going to help you to turn a profit or grow your business. It may seem like just about any JV is a good idea, especially when you first start to develop a business or when you begin to struggle to find
partners to work with.

However, making wise decisions is always a better move and not just any JV partner will do.

Here are some significant reasons why this is so:


  • If you work with one joint partner, another may not work with you. The result is that the second partner could have done a better job. Compare all of your options carefully before choosing.
  • Some partners are simply more willing or able to do a better job but they will not work with you if there are too many partners involved in the move. Choose right to get the best partner.
  • Some partners simply are not going to do anything good for your business and may in turn cause problems for you in the long term. Therefore, weeding out the bad choices is something you should do from the start.

Take the time to learn about all of the options available to you before you choose a company or a person to partner with for your business venture. Learn as much as you can about them as well as learn about who they are and what they could do to hurt your

Taking a few steps now to make sure that your business is in the hands of the right organization can protect it in the short and the long term. It makes the partnership worthwhile when you know you have the right person behind you.

Google Search for JV Partners
There are many ways to find JV partners today. It used to be far more difficult to find partners for any type of business opportunity you had created or you wanted to create. You would have to network to build up relationships with numerous people before you
would actually find someone who would be willing to work with you.

However, today, the web makes it far easier to find joint venture partners to work with. In fact, the one source you use to find information you need right now could be a great source to find joint venture partners. That is, Google and other search engines.

One of the ways you can use Google or other search engines to help you to find joint venture partners is to look for products that are not your competition but are a great product for you to be a partner with. The product should complement the product or service that you are offering.

For example, you can find product owners who are willing to work with you to develop a video for your ebook package. They may be able to provide services that are different from yours but together the products make a great tool for anyone.

By taking the time to search for joint venture partners like this, you also give yourself a good idea of who is out there who may be already partnering with others with products similar to your own. Keep in mind that you can find a correlation to virtually any product or service in many cases.

In other words, even if your search does not turn up one particular type of partner that you want to work with, it is likely that you will find others that you can.

Keep your options open. Focus on the other business owners who may be able to offer something to your product or service that you are not currently offering. You can even take the time to look at some of your competitors to find out what they are offering.

It goes without saying  you probably cannot work with your competitors directly but you can often get an idea of what they are offering in addition to a basic product and then find other joint venture partners who can help you to provide even more. With an Internet search, you are sure to find numerous partners to work with.

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