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Issue 7
Sunday July 17, 2011

Letter from the Editor

Welcome back to the latest issue of the Shoestring Entrepreneur Newsletter!.

We're already past the halfway point of the year and I hope you're on track with your goals in 2011. If not, now is a good time to adjust and get back in the game.

In future issues we'll be introducing our guest writers who will be contributing to the Shoestring Entrepreneur on a regular basis. The content is going to be amazing. I'm very excited and looking forward to all the solid, actionable, business building information they'll be sharing.

In this week's newsletter, I'll share an article titled "Email Marketing Simplified." It's getting harder and harder each day to get your emails opened and read. This article will show you how to explode your open rates and click through.

To your success,
Brian Carson

Email Marketing Simplified

by Brian Carson

It’s getting harder and harder for email to get delivered to your prospects and customer lists, yet despite this, email marketing is still very effective if you know how to do it the right way.

The first principle of email marketing is don’t be boring. Dull and lifeless copy is the big killer of all email marketers. If you can’t write engaging emails, hire someone who can. It’s too important to be left to chance.

The second principle is don’t blast your list with offers and sales pitches every single day. The majority of your emails should be content with some links thrown in for good measure.

Give value. Give strong content in 85-90 percent of your emails. The other 10-15 percent will be sales pitches for your products or affiliate offers.

You need to develop a rapport with your prospects. You want them to get to know, like and trust you, and that only happens when you give them value first.

Many marketers go for the sale right away and that’s the biggest mistake one can make.

You don’t ask someone on your first date to get engaged, so why push for a sale on the first email to a prospect who’s just joined your list? You have to develop and cultivate a relationship first.

When you’ve done that, then and only then, can the sales process begin. People want to buy, but they don’t want to be sold to. Become their friend, trusted advisor, and guru, and watch the money flow into your business.

There are only three ways to make more money from email marketing:

  1. Get more people to subscribe to your list
  2. Get more people to open the emails you send them
  3. Get more people to click through to your sales messages

You accomplish the first by creating an opt-in page that converts. One of the many ways to increase opt-in rates is by offering something of value, like a report or video, for free in exchange for their contact information.

Handle number two with strong headlines that make people open.  Use techniques like curiosity, odd numbers, percentages, and negative subject lines in your headlines.

The third you achieve with link placement, video, and by creating compelling, interesting copy (content) in each email. You can do this through story telling, curiosity, and concise writing.


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Getting More People to Click Through to Your Message

The first and most important way to accomplish this is with compelling, interesting content (copy) that provides value in each email. You can achieve this through story telling, curiosity, and education.

Educate your prospects. Give them value. Make them look forward to getting your emails. Entertain them as well. It takes work, but if you know your market and can push your prospects hot buttons, you have a method for creating cash-on-demand in your business.

Another important aspect to getting prospects to get to your sales message is the structure of the email itself. Don’t make it a pitch fest. Give content. Create value.

I have to hammer this message home to you. If you take away nothing else from this, remember one thing, give value and you will be rewarded for it.

The email should be all content with strategic link placement, also known as link planting, interspersed throughout the copy.

Keep your writing short, concise and direct. In this over-communicated society attention spans are dwindling. You have about 10 seconds to capture someones interest. Keep messages brief.

The body of the email should be structured like this:

  • Intro
  • Link
  • Body
  • Link
  • Close/P.S
  • Link

The link could be to sell your own product, sell an affiliate product, or to offer your list a freebie. You want to place them after the opening, body, and the close.

You can also increase open rates by placing video pictures in your email. Graphics have been proven to increase open rates, but be careful using too much HTML in your emails. If you do, your email will be considered spam and filtered out.

Follow the AIDA method on your writing (attention, interest, desire, action) and you should see an improvement in your click through rates.

Here are the steps your business needs to take to make serious money from email marketing:

  1. Create an Opt-in Page (Squeeze Page) that converts
  2. Offer something of value to get prospects to sign up
  3. Create strong headlines for all your email subject lines
  4. Create compelling, interesting content that educates and entertains
  5. Structure your email messages for readability (short and sweet)
  6. Use the link placement strategy throughout your email
  7. Consider using pictures in your email (watch your HTML)
  8. Always strive to give the utmost in value

Brian Carson

Brian Carson is the president and CEO of the Market Ownership Group. Before founding the Market Ownership Group, a marketing consulting/business coaching company, Brian owned three brick-and-mortar businesses that he ran profitably for over 15 years. Brian sold them off to focus all his attention to the formation of the Market Ownership Group, founded in 2008. Brian has created marketing strategies, done for you marketing materials and given advice in a diverse range of businesses, from restaurants to barber shops to online only businesses to small retail stores, and financial advisors. If you would like to grow your business to new levels of profit and growth, or if you need help starting a business from scratch, email the Market Ownership Group at


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