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Issue 2
Sunday June 12, 2011

Letter from the Editor

Welcome back to the latest issue of the Shoestring Entrepreneur Newsletter!

Lee and I are excited to have you on board and look forward to a long relationship together.

Each week in the Shoestring Entrepreneur we will give you the latest and best information to start and grow a business for $1,000 or less.

Both Lee and myself, along with our guest panel of writers, started out with very little money, but through hard work, persistence, and solid marketing, built our business to where they are today..

One thing I promise you. There will be zero hype in this newsletter, only solid time-tested, proven methods to market, manage and run your business.

So set back, relax, and get ready to be blown away each and every week with rock-solid, timely, usable content.

In this week's newsletter, I'll share an article titled "The Five Elements Every Marketing Campaign Needs?" which is the second part of my Marketing 101 series.

Also, we feature an article from my friend and partner, Lee Wibberding, titled "Why Value is More Important Than Money."

To your success,
Brian Carson

Marketing 101: The Five Elements Every Marketing Campaign Needs

by Brian Carson

There are five things that every marketing campaign needs to have in place for it to be successful.

The five elements are synergistic, with each needing the other to create the proper ingredients for a solid marketing philosophy.

If you break down the most successful marketing campaigns you’ll find these five elements in place. Let’s take a look at each and then explain their significance one by one.

  1. Have a product or service people want.
  2. Have a strong message that differentiates and gets attention.
  3. Pick the right message to market match.
  4. Pick the right media for the message.
  5. Create outstanding value and wow experiences.

Have a product or service people want

This might be obvious, but you’d be amazed at how few businesses approach product creation this way.

Most businesses create the product or service first and then try to sell it. Force-feeding their message to an unwilling and uncaring public. How backasswards is that?

Find out what people want and give it to them, not the other way around. If you know for sure what your market wants and give it to them, you eliminate the need for salesmanship. Your customers will be beating down your door.

That is what you want isn’t it? Why make it more complicated?

Use due diligence and research your market hard. Find out there likes dislikes, problems, fears, and match them with products and services to solve the problems and allay the fears.

It isn’t rocket science people. It’s basic friggin’ psychology.

Individuals avoid pain and pursue pleasure. Find the pleasure/pain buttons and create products and services around increasing the former and decreasing the latter. Do that and you golden.

Let them come to you be giving your market what it wants.

Have a strong message that differentiates and gets attention

Also known as the USP, which means Unique Selling Proposition.

With information overload at epidemic levels, especially advertising messages, getting a prospects attention is worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox.

Without attention, your message doesn’t get heard. Without your message being heard, you have no customers or clients. Without customers and clients, you have no sales, and without sales, you have no business.

Your marketing message needs to differentiate and deliver the goods to your market. If you can stand out above the crowded marketplace with a message that people want, you will create loyal customers, cashflow and word of mouth buzz – the holy trinity of business.

And as you already know, word-of-mouth marketing is the best kind because it’s coming from someone the prospect trusts, it builds your credibility and it’s 100% free advertising.


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Pick the right message to market match

You have to have a systematic and precise lead generation system in place for your marketing campaigns to be truly powerful. You have to match your message to those who will be interested in it.

This is called message to market match.

In plain English, you need a list of qualified prospects. You can rent them, build your own or combine the two. But trust me; if you want your business to survive, a qualified list is a necessity.

Notice I said qualified. The old saying, “the money is in the list” is bullshit. The money is in a qualified, targeted list. You get a qualified list with the right message to market match.

Pick the right media for the message

Selecting the proper media outlet for your message is a key marketing strategy many businesses just glance over, never giving it much thought. Big mistake.

The most important question to ask yourself when deciding on the media mix for your message is: will it be cost effective?

What is the return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars? It doesn’t matter how much you spend as long as what goes in is more than what goes out. If you spend $2 and make $3, you’re doing all right. If you spend $10 and make $2, you need to drop the advertising right now.

There are a multitude of media to choose from: Yellow Pages, Internet, classified ads, display ads, radio, TV, flyers, seminars, newsletters, books, blogs, etc. Just make sure the ones you choose are cost effective for your business.

Create outstanding value and wow experiences

Start out every marketing campaign with this philosophy and success is practically assured.

Marketing legend Jay Abraham calls this the Strategy of Preeminence. I call it the way to outstanding wealth and success.

The Strategy of Preeminence is putting the needs of the customer ahead of your own. The do unto others Golden Rule of life. Do this, money follows.

All communication must be directed to the customer or client. They don't care about you. They care about what's in it for them.

Create events and experiences that make the customer say wow! Give them a reason to go and spread the good word about you to others. That’s Buzz Marketing in its purest form. Educate your customers and develop long-lasting relationships.

If you listen to nothing else in this post, make it this. Burn the Strategy of Preeminence into your mind. Live it, breathe it, act it. Build your brand, philosophy and marketing around this concept.

These five elements are essential to any marketing campaign. They are the keys to the kingdom. Apply them and no competitor or recession can hurt you.

Brian Carson

Brian Carson is the president and CEO of the Market Ownership Group. Before founding the Market Ownership Group, a marketing consulting/business coaching company, Brian owned three brick-and-mortar businesses that he ran profitably for over 15 years. Brian sold them off to focus all his attention to the formation of the Market Ownership Group, founded in 2008. Brian has created marketing strategies, done for you marketing materials and given advice in a diverse range of businesses, from restaurants to barber shops to online only businesses to small retail stores, and financial advisors. If you would like to grow your business to new levels of profit and growth, or if you need help starting a business from scratch, email the Market Ownership Group at


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