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Issue 10
Sunday August 7, 2011

Letter from the Editor

Welcome back to the latest issue of the Shoestring Entrepreneur Newsletter!.

I hope your off to a fast start in the second half of the year. Don't worry. It's not too late to reach all your goals for 2011. Just take fresh, immediate action and watch how speed of implementation transforms your business.

I'm in the process of rounding up our guest writers and. the content is going to be amazing. I'm very excited and looking forward to all the solid, actionable, business building information they'll be sharing.

In this week's newsletter, I'll share an article titled "The Ultimate Success Formulas - Lifestyle Success Formula." The second of a two-part series on what it takes to build a successful business as well as a successful life.

To your success,
Brian Carson

The Ultimate Success Formulas: Lifestyle Success Formula

by Brian Carson

This is the last in a two-part series focusing on the ultimate formula for success – in business and in accomplishing all your lifestyle goals.

In part one you were introduced to the two formulas that comprise business and goal setting success. We  also looked at the specific formula for business success, and now in part two, we examine the lifestyle or goal achieving success formula.

By following a proven formula that works you can achieve a definite result, knowing without a doubt if you follow the formula success is assured.

Systems and formulas are used everywhere – from science and mathematics – to recipes and business.

By following a proven formula that works you can achieve a definite result, knowing without a doubt if you follow the formula success is assured.

There are many different formulas for success – in life and in business – but the two I’ll share with you have been proven by my own experience to be the most effective for achieving any goal.

I’ve used the business formula to create multiple successful businesses across a variety of niches. Also, I  utilized the lifestyle formula to achieve many of the individual goals I’ve set.

Remember this as you go through this series: The formulas work – but only if you apply them to your own life and situations.

If you just read these articles and do not take action, nothing will happen in your life. Action is the key. Read the posts, follow the formulas, and succeed.

Let's review once again, Ultimate Success Formulas:

The Business Success Formula:

BM + EMS + S + V + I = Business Success and Growth

The Lifestyle Formula:

T + FO + FA + PA = Success


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Let’s look at the lifestyle success formula again and break each piece down in complete detail.

The Lifestyle Success Formula:

T + FO + FA + PA =  Success

T is target; FO is focus; FA stands for faith; PA is persistent action and that equals success in any field or endeavor.

The formula written out looks like this:

Target + Focus + Faith + Persistent Action = Success

You must have all of these in place if you want  to reach your goals, aspirations and true potential.

Let’s break it down further.


Having a target or goal is the beginning of all achievement. If you don’t know what you want how do you expect to get anything.

Napoleon Hill was right on the money. This is the starting point of all riches. Set a goal, a target, some dream or purpose to pursue, and begin right now to make that dream a reality.

Know exactly what you want and nine times out of 10, you’ll get it.


We are controlled by our dominant thoughts. What you think about expands. So it stands to reason if your thoughts are junk, your life is junk.

No matter what you call it: sowing and reaping; cause and effect; the law of attraction; it is a real force that governs the universe.

To make use of it requires focus and concentration.

Since dominant thought becomes your reality doesn’t it make sense to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want?


Faith or belief is next in line in the lifestyle success equation.

You must have confidence and a sincere belief that you will accomplish what you set out to achieve. Real faith is an assurance, an absolute belief, that what you want is coming to you right now – at this moment.

If you don’t believe you can achieve your goal, if you can’t see it in your minds eye as already accomplished, you’ll never receive it in the physical realm.

Persistent Action

Next to having a target or goal, this is the most important attribute to have in the lifestyle success formula.

As a matter of fact you could eliminate the others and still achieve most of your goals as long as you know what you want and take consistent, persistent action to get it.

It’s that important.

All the hoping, fantasizing, visualizing, chanting affirmations and such is useless if you don’t take action.

Action is the key to life. Nothing was ever accomplished without some form of action being taken. In order to achieve, you must do.

As the great Albert Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.”

If you don’t move, your dreams are just that – dreams with no substance to them.

Set a target, focus on that target, believe you can achieve it, and begin to take action immediately until you reach your mark.

Follow this, along with the business success formula, and you’ll begin to notice a major shift in the quality of your life and the success of all your business endeavors.

Brian Carson

Brian Carson is the president and CEO of the Market Ownership Group. Before founding the Market Ownership Group, a marketing consulting/business coaching company, Brian owned three brick-and-mortar businesses that he ran profitably for over 15 years. Brian sold them off to focus all his attention to the formation of the Market Ownership Group, founded in 2008. Brian has created marketing strategies, done for you marketing materials and given advice in a diverse range of businesses, from restaurants to barber shops to online only businesses to small retail stores, and financial advisors. If you would like to grow your business to new levels of profit and growth, or if you need help starting a business from scratch, email the Market Ownership Group at


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