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Double Your Business E-Course

How to Double Your Business Profits in Just 120 Days!

I’ll take you step-by-step, transform your business and turn you into a marketing dynamo…GUARANTEED!

Are you tired of working too hard with little to show for it?

Are you sick and tired of wasting money on advertising that produces zero customers and no profits?

Did you start your business with dreams of financial freedom only to find you’re a slave to your business…feeling like you’re working at another J-O-B?

Is your business like a yo-yo…up one week and down the next?

It doesn’t have to be that way. I want to help you double your business. I really do. And it won’t take years, I can help you do it in 120 days or less.

Skeptical? Suspicious?

You won’t be, if you take the few minutes required to read what I have to tell you.  Because I guarantee that if you do just seven simple steps over the next four months–you’ll do exactly that.

Here’s the Deal…

I created a solid and very powerful eCourse that will help you double your business in near record time. You WILL increase revenues and profits, provided you have a powerful vision backed by massive action.

The course consists of seven bi-weekly lessons (two lessons each month for three months and one lesson on month four). You can take as long as you want with each lesson. Work at your own pace. This isn’t a race. It’s about improving your business.

And when you see what this course can do for your business, as long as you take action, you’ll be very happy with the end results.

Here’s an overview of the business growing concepts you’ll learn:

Lesson #1: Developing Your Vision and Results Goals

Having a big vision is the first step to building your business, and the lack of one could be the number one reason your business isn’t doing as much as you’d like.

Action goals are about an end-result.  I’ll help you decide which goals are best to help you achieve your vision. Like how much money do you want to make this year? Next year? In five years?

Lesson # 2: Strategic Planning

This is where we get down to the nitty gritty of developing a strategic plan to propel your business. You’ll craft a strong USP, start some serious market research, as well as finding out what your customers really want.

Then we work on your marketing plan to give you a solid foundation to double your business.

Lesson #3: Time Management

Based on your results goals, your action plan, and your results to date, we’ll look at how you spend your time.  Then we’ll schedule the most effective and efficient use of your time. We’ll develop new systems to keep you on track, so you can get more done without working longer or harder

Lesson #4: Lead Generation

You can’t have a business without a list of targeted customers and that’s the focus of this lesson. Effective lead gen and the ability to convert those leads into customers is the lifeblood of any business.

We will go over the keys to successful lead generation and the different ways to implement it in your business.

Lesson #5: Sales/Marketing Process

The sales and marketing process is the actionable strategies and action steps you must implement to start you on the journey to growing your business and achieving financial and emotional freedom.

Well developed and coordinated marketing campaigns, referral programs and follow-up processes can skyrocket your business revenues and help you reach your goals in record time. We’ll go over effective strategies for your individual needs and business plans.

Lesson #6: The 5 Traits of a Successful Business

This lesson is an overview of the five most important qualities and characteristics that all successful businesses possess.  From Apple to Microsoft to Berkshire-Hathaway. If you want to have a truly amazing business, then you need to develop these five traits.

Lesson #7: The Surprise Lesson

I’ve saved the best for last. The final lesson is  a surprise bonus and the most important one in this amazing course.

If you comprehend the magnitude of this lesson, bring it into your heart, and take action immediately to implement what I teach, you’ll never worry about your business failing. Success is practically assured.

Now stop and consider: Most business owners barely do anything to improve their business, and what most people do hardly does anything to their bottom line.

Yet, if you do just a little more, you can increase your results.

And if you do a lot more—assuming you are doing the right things—you can increase your business dramatically.  What I am offering you today is a way to have a 100% increase in your business!

Keep in mind that this e-class is done entirely by e-mail. You’ll also get my coaching by email. This will be for your convenience as well as mine. You won’t have to sit in on conference calls or drive to seminars. You’ll receive the lessons through your inbox, and do the work as your schedule permits.  It’s efficient, and it works around busy schedules like yours.

You begin your program to double your business opportunities right away. You will need at least two hours a week to review each lesson and do your work, all of it based on your own schedule.  Now if you can’t commit to at least that, please don’t sign-up!  This is a serious offer, and I’m only interested in working with serious people.

Each lesson will consist of:

  • Emailed lesson, delivered 2 times per month for three months and one lesson during the fourth month
  • Downloadable/printable companion PDF, with detailed, step-by-step instructions, so you can refer to it over and over again
  • Teaching videos that actually SHOW you how to do things to save you time and frustration
  • Feedback from me on your progress, so you can be sure you’re on the right track
  • Plus you get my personal email coaching for an additional two months after the course is over. That’s six full months of coaching from me

If you hired me to give you this service in your office, you’d pay $1,500.00 a day—and we’d most likely spend 3-4 days for a grand total of $4,500-$6,000.

But since I’m running this online, I’m not going to charge you thousands of dollars for this information. In fact, you’ll get the entire training program for just pennies on the dollar.

The price of this course is $1,000, but for a limited time, I’m accepting new applicants for a huge discount.

The Double Your Business Profits E-course will be sold for just $500 . That boils down to around $4.16 per day for the four months.

That’s a discount of $500 off the regular price.

That’s the total cost, including all the information and systems, plus all my help and coaching for up to six full months. Considering my personal coaching alone for six months is worth $6,000, you can’t get a better deal than that.

Your Investment is 100% Guaranteed

If after any lesson in the program you’re not 100% thrilled, a refund for that entire month of training is available just by sending me an email at

And if you stay for the full seven lesson course and haven’t doubled your business in 120 days, I will work with you and for you for FREE until you do! That’s my go-the-extra-mile guarantee. This alone should put your mind at ease and make this training program a no-brainer… because the risk is entirely on me.

Finally, let me leave you with this one thought: If you keep doing what you are doing, where will you be in two, three, or four months?  We can double your business in that time, but you’ve got to take the first step.

Register now for this powerful  e-course and double your business in 120 days or less.

If you’d really like to take advantage of the course and double your business opportunities this year, but are cash short right now – use the Payment Plan. Reserve your seat for $250, then make an additional payment of $250 after month one.

Click here to register with the 2-payment option. (You cannot beat this!)

I can only accept a limited number of participants each cycle, and wanted to make sure you got your chance to get started right away. So take action quickly and begin the process of doubling your business.



P.S. Look: You can take action right now and get the results you want OR you can stay on your current course. You may be fine. But couldn’t you be better? What would it be worth to you to double your business opportunities? Click here to register.

P.P.S. If you’re willing to do what it takes to see your business thrive and become a raving success, if you want a higher income, if you want to achieve more with less work and in less time… You owe it to yourself to seize this unique opportunity and get started today.

Remember. Your investment is 100% guaranteed and completely risk-free. Register now.